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You Will See Immediate Improvements in Essential Relationship Building!
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Help Your Child Win the Most Important Game in Life!

Do you want to teach your child or teen exactly how to make friends and get along better with peers and adults?

Do you want your child to be able to make and keep friends and build positive relationships that last?

Does your child often feel upset because he or she can't get along with others?

You can help make a difference by using the same skills that child therapists provide in formal social skills training interventions.

"Social Skills Breakthrough" by clinical child psychologist Dr. Edward Coyle shows you step by step how to teach your child better ways of making and keeping friends and avoiding the most common causes of social rejection. 

Don't let your child wait any longer to begin connecting better.  For only $14.95 you can order today with confidence with our 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. If you are not fully satisfied with the teaching materials, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price. You have a full 30 days from the date of purchase to see how much improvement your child can make. If you don't agree that the tips and techniques work for you and your child, you pay nothing, not even a handling fee. 

Start Immediately
--You can start using the same methods provided by professional counselors that have worked wonders for hundreds of people , right now!

Social Skills Breakthrough is written by a licensed child psychologist and based upon clinical experiences with hundreds of children and teens from all walks of life. 

The techniques and tools in Social Skills Breakthrough were designed to help children with and without cognitive disabilities, emotional control issues and other barriers that commony interfere with normal social development.  These are not just theoretical descriptions of the problem.  Instead, I walk you through the same steps that I have with many, many children and teens that have helped them get along better with peers and adults.  You can start using these methods instantly, choosing where to start with your learner based upon his or her specific needs.  As your learner develops new skills, you can help them move on to more complex and higher-level activities. 

One of the best things about using this set of teaching tools is that you can see improvement almost immediately.  Your child or teen will gain confidence and be able to replace the often overwhelming feelings of hopelessness that tend to develop as a result of delays in social skills acquisition.  You can help your learner make adjustments and increase his or her awareness of the areas in which change will be most beneficial.
Only $14.95 puts you immediately in the driver's seat in helping your child or teen get along better with peers and adults.

Cutting Edge Research Meets Common Sense.
Many people who struggle with social understanding and interaction actually suffer from what scientists call "Non Verbal Learning Disabilities."  Because of subtle differences in the way in which their brains process social cues, such as body posture, facial expression and voice tone, people with NVLD struggle to make the right responses to even the simplest of social challenges.  It is often necessary to use very structured and focused educational interventions to help overcome the problems related to this different processing style.  Social Skills Breakthrough helps you to design an individualized set of strategies for improving your learner's understanding and practice of both simple and complex social skills and strategies. 

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"Social Skills Breakthrough gave me new ways of working with students who have trouble getting along with others.  I especially liked the teaching games because the kids really seem to learn new skills quickly when they play.
Steve M., Elementary School Counselor

Teach your child all of the following and more:

*How to Identify Potential New Friends in Their Classroom or Neighborhood.

*How to Monitor and Adapt Their Personal Space to Enhance Interactions.

*How to Recognize Important Facial Cues and Other Body Language Signals that are Vital to Positive Interactions!

Help your  learner start 2014 with a more positive outlook on life!  This can be the year your child or teen really changes the way their relationships go!

Join the hundreds of parents, teachers and others who have put these fun, easy tools to work!  "Social Skills Breakthrough" lets you help your child using real-world examples.  This positive, easy to understand book takes you step by step through a proven cognitive training process that has worked with thousands of children, teens and adults with disabilities.  If your youngster is struggling to make friends or just seems to have more trouble than he or she ought to in navigating the sometimes difficult social exchanges, you can help!  Don't let another day go by without taking action to help.  

When you practice the interventions with your child, s/he will quickly begin developing more age-appropriate social skills.  Help reduce the anxiety your child feels when faced with meeting new people or playing with peers.  Backed with Dr. Coyle's 100% money-back guarantee. 

If you don't find this training manual to be everything you expected, I will refund the purchase price!
Please click here for full details on our refund policy.
Only $14.95 gives you instant access to a structured, step-by-step manual that WILL improve your child's social functioning!  If you have any questions about this e-book you can email me directly at and I'll respond as soon as possible.  You can reach me by regular mail or telephone at my clinical office:

Edward L. Coyle, Ph.D.
1211 N. Shartel #906
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 229-7762

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