Instructions:  Below you will find all the components you need to create an effective behavior management plan.  BE SURE TO ALLOW POPUPS ON THIS PAGE SO YOU CAN COMPLETE AND PRINT YOUR PLAN WHEN YOU HAVE CREATED IT.  If you want more detailed information on creating and implementing behavior change plans, please LOOK HERE for an extensive behavior management primer.  If you would like to sign up for our free occasional newsletter, navigate HERE.

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If you add your own goals and rewards, be sure to go back to the drop-down list to select them before you hit Prepare Plan or your changes won't be added. You should be able to see all the parts on the form after you hit Prepare Plan. If it doesnt' look the way you want, just make the changes and hit Prepare again, then Print.
First Behavioral Goal

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Third Behavioral Goal

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Weekly Reward

Positive Behavior Change Plan Tracker Form
NameHolder    Be sure to rate each behavior, each day. 3= almost no reminders. 2= some reminders, 1=needed lots of reminders to practice the behavior.

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Daily Reward
Weekly Reward

Please remember to help the participant focus on positive behaviors that replace the negative ones. Give specific, labeled praise for even small progress. Be sure that daily rewards are given as soon as they are earned.   Remember that this plan and scoring system are only tools to help you teach new behaviors and help the learner practice and acquire new skills.

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