"Spent" by Geoffrey Miller. 

This book is one of those works that tends to take over your thinking for several days, resulting in a real change in the way you actually see the world around you.  Dr. Miller artfully applies a range of evolutionary psychology theories and facts in his examination of modern consumer culture and behaviors.  I guarantee that you will recognize yourself in many of these pages, if you are even a little introspective.  Dr. Miller's organizing theme is that just as all human behavior can be analyzed in terms of evolutionary efficacy, our buying, spending and display habits are indelibly and generally unconsciously shaped by ancient biological imperatives.  Unfortunately, much like our formerly adaptive fight-or-flight response was once essential to survival but now results in chronic anxiety and negative stress responses to modern life, our inherent drive to display our mating fitness now feeds a maladaptive pattern of consumption that threatens our very planet.

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