Mid Life Transformation--Growth And Evolution

What if you seem to have achieved it all but still feel empty? 

What do you do when the things that used to thrill and energize you have lost their power?         

How do you find your way out of the beautiful cage you have built for yourself over the years? 

Your unique answers by looking inside in a new way.  If you are ready to walk a new and more natural path, I can help you.

The most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. It is just these intense conflicts and their conflagration which are needed to produce valuable and lasting results.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung spent a great deal of his energy in examining the trajectory of the human life.  In particular he observed that the first half of life was inevitably spent focusing on adapting to the demands and pressures of the external world.  Until the midpoint of our lives, we by necessity invest most of our time and thought into recognizing and creating our public self and in establishing our ability to function as an adult in society.  We carry out the tasks of building a career, connecting to others and forming our own families.

However, much of this activity is carried out with only a dim awareness of the greater needs of the self.  These only come to our attention when we have been able to begin to turn our focus inward. Unfortunately, many of the things we have worked so hard to achieve can turn out to be antithetical to our changing needs in the second half of life. It can be very disheartening to learn that just when we thought we were reaching the point in life where things get easier, it is time to start over in a completely new and possibly frightening way.

The phrase "mid-life crisis" captures only a part of this developmental phenomenon that impacts most people sooner or later.  Our over-simplified representations of this critical shift in understanding are reflected in the image of the chubby, balding man chasing after his secretary or the empty-nester woman getting a Harley and a tattoo.  Unfortunately, our culture has not been able yet to keep up with the novel demands placed upon more and more of us by the simple fact of living long enough and having enough basic material sustenance.  As Jung observed, plans made in the morning of life cannot be pursued in the evening.  While we might wish to see an individual's life as presenting ever-smoother transitions, in fact most of us face a number of jolting, jarring steps in which our previous ways of being are swept away by the force of discomfort and dramatic shifts in awareness and understanding.

The challenge many of us face in the years of full adulthood is to sift through our personal histories and to discard and change, often with serious consequence, many of the choices and customary ways of being that have defined us.

If you are interested in a flexible but structured examination of your life path, you may benefit from my Mid-Life Tranformation personal development program.  Using insights from analytically-informed therapy, spiritual and intellectual development experiences and an intensive self-exploration process, you can adapt to what often feels like an overwhelming disorganization in the middle years of life.  Working together, we can map out a reasonable but challenging approach to the second half of life.  It is essential that you avoid the common poor choices that seem to offer surcease and positive change at the expense of your positive efforts and creations thus far. 

YOUR FIRST 45 MINUTE CONSULTATION REGARDING THE MIDLIFE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM WITH DR. COYLE IS FREE.  During the consultation we will discuss your current needs and determine if the Mid-Life Transformation program matches them at this time.  E-mail at admin@psychpsyte.com for more information, or telephone at (405) 842-8625.  Both in-office and on-line/telephone consultation programs are available.

The books below offer excellent information on the causes and resolution of mid-life transitions.  Please order and enjoy them on your own or as a part of the structured Mid-Life Transformation program.

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